Tony Ackerman is an American guitarist and teacher living in the Czech Republic.  Known here for his 35-year association with jazz pianist Martin Kratochvil, with whom he has performed thousands of concerts and recorded twelve albums, Tony has returned to his roots in acoustic guitar and offers solo performances on his five favorite guitars, spanning the styles from country and bluegrass to blues, bossa nova and Bach.  Tony is also a lifelong teacher, not only of guitar, but also of music history and theory; he holds a Ph.D. in Music and presently teaches in the music department of the Prague Campus of New York University.  Tony is also a teacher of mindfulness meditation, online, in person, and in the context of our yoga/nature retreats.

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Tony and his wife, Helena, also run a lovely B+B, Czech Village Haven,  in the gorgeous area of "Czech Switzerland" National Park, which offers both vacation accommodations and yoga/meditation retreats. 

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